Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Hank Smith podcast: overview of Lehi's promised land

Lots of interesting comments on the significance of North America:



so my point is let's


not get offended that God has said America is a choice land let's recognize that there are things for ordained by God for everyone but that there is something special here and let's not skip it because there are valuable things about recognizing this so verse seven this land is consecrated unto whom whom he shall bring I just read that and

A land consecrated


if it so be that they shall serve him now this is the condition according to the Commandments which he hath given it shall be a land of liberty unto them that's so important having a land of liberty is something special and it's a beacon to the world and can bless all kinds of Worlds as we know many countries have copied the Constitution of the United States or use that as a foundation for some of their own governance wherefore they shall never be brought into captivity now that's a really huge promise given the state of the world today and in other times where Liberty has been at risk if so it shall be because of iniquities this is a principle with a promise but we have to live the principle we have to worship the god of the land who is Jesus Christ right for if iniquity shall abound curse shall be the land for their sakes and for their sakes. 


we're going to talk about that later with the the boundaries idea but unto the righteous it shall be blessed forever can I just emphasize that last line unto the righteous it shall be blessed forever that is an incredible promise no matter what happens politically or governmentally or socially or whatever unto the righteous it shall be blessed forever that is a beautiful statement of comfort.

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