Hill Cumorah Expedition Team - Mexico

A few years ago we attended a service at the Buckner Congregation of the Community of Christ in 

Before the meeting, we had a delightful meeting with Mike and Tim Brown. We exchanged books and our respective ideas about the hill Cumorah (Mormon 6:6). 

They have gone on numerous expeditions to the mountain in southern Mexico that they believe is the Hill Cumorah. Here is the background from their website, http://hceti.org/

"During the summer of 2001 several members of the Buckner Congregation of the Community of Christ traveled to Mexico to visit ancient ruins. They were excited to have an archaeologist as a guide and travel companion. Several sites were visited including Palenque, Cacaxtla, Cuicuilco, Comalcalco, Cholula, and Teotihuacan. While traveling the group took a detour and went to see Cerro Rabon, a mountain near Jalapa de Diaz that many Book of Mormon archaeologists have reason to believe is the Hill Cumorah where ancient records are buried.

"After some discussion, several members of the group decided to climb the hill in an attempt to once again locate the cave where some believe the records are hidden. At three o’clock in the morning Mike Brown, Wayne Stanton, Joseph Mangum, and Tim Brown ventured from Tuxtepec to Cerro Rabon and slowly made their way up the mountainside. For most of a day they chopped through jungle and eventually reached the spot where it is believed a hidden cave is located.

"Unknown at the time, this was the first of many trips to the mountain. The group was terribly unequipped for the venture. They suffered blisters, dehydration, and for months afterward one member of the group experienced the sting and “unexplained rash” that probably was the result of contact with a poisonous millipede. But, the seed had been planted. The interest that was generated from this small adventure is still spreading and providing continued hope for many Book of Mormon believers."

Cerro Rabon, Mexico


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