Monday, July 1, 2024

Congrats to the Church History Museum-Mary Whitmer

The Church History Museum in Salt Lake City has excellent new exhibits. One standout is the depiction of Mary Whitmer's encounter with the plates.

Unlike the fictional narrative in Saints, volume 1, the exhibit in the museum shows Mary Whitmer describing the encounter without claiming the messenger was Moroni.

It's great to see a more historically accurate account of this important event.

Unfortunately, the exhibit doesn't mention that Mary herself said the messenger introduced himself as "Brother Nephi." It also doesn't mention that Joseph Smith told David Whitmer the messenger was one of the Three Nephites. But we're glad to see movement toward a more accurate account instead of the narrative in Saints.

Here are some images from the display. Click to enlarge and read the Closed Caption.

Congratulations to the Church History Museum for a historically accurate (if incomplete) display!

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