Friday, July 28, 2023

Ancient routes to America

This map from the Museum of Native American History in Bentonville, Arkansas, shows the ancient routes to America.

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With recent genetic research it is known that ancient migrations were made into the Americas from people living in the Australia/New Zealand area of the South Pacific. Some American archaeology museums are now accepting that there were at least two, and possibly three, ancient migration routes. This map from the MONAH museum in Arkansas shows the "southern route" at the bottom, the standard Beringia route in the top left, and an eastern route shown in the upper right.


Once when I was in Brisbane, Australia, a temple worker noticed my accent and asked if I was American. I said yes. 

He said, "Did you know Lehi landed here on his way to America?"

"That's a new one," I replied.

"It's obvious. Just look at Alma 10:2."

I pulled it up on my phone. "I am Amulek; I am the son of Giddonah, who was the son of Ishmael, who was a descendant of Aminadi." (Alma 10:2)

I told him that made more sense than that Lehi landed in Mesoamerica!

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