Saturday, December 31, 2022

Top 10 for 2022 (top 5 posts and top 5 pages)

The most-viewed resources on this blog have always been the Post about President Ivins and the Page on the BYU Packet on Cumorah. 

That remained true in 2022 as well.

Overall, the blog had over 200,000 views, not counting the reposts at moronisamerica, amazon, and other sites.


The top 5 most-viewed posts on this blog for 2022, in reverse order.

5. Reminiscences of Edward Stevenson

4. The First Presidency taught...

3. More about Cumorah's casualties

2. Abraham Lincoln on extinct giants

1. The Hill Cumorah by President Anthony W. Ivins


The top 5 most-viewed pages on this blog for 2022, in reverse order.

5. Cumorah's cave by Cameron Packer

4. The Two Sets of Plates schematic

3. President Ivins on the New York Cumorah

2. Trip to Fayette references

1. BYU packet on Cumorah

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