Friday, July 14, 2023

Portsmouth site

Portsmouth, Ohio, is on the Ohio river about 90 miles south of Columbus. I've visited here a few times and highly recommend the site (as well as the other sites in Ohio).

Portsmouth is the location of a complex of earthworks dating from 100 BC to 500 AD, built by Adena and Hopewell cultures. Across the river in Kentucky is an unusual earthwork that was plowed up for cattle grazing.

Squier and Davis survey (click to enlarge)

There's a nice overview with references on wikipedia.

This site has some additional info:

Blue lines show the embankment walls

Greg Little tweeted about it recently:

1. 1800s survey of another portion of the Portsmouth, Ohio earthworks. It was located across the Ohio River in Kentucky. The exact location is known. 2. This is the spot where the central mound shown on the survey existed and the owner of the site is on the left. He related that his grandfather leveled the mound and intricate circular earthworks to make a cattle grazing area. He also related that his grandfather came to regret it.

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